Our engineering skill is backboned by decades of experience in designing audio and radio communication devices and various other products. To bring out the product ideas of our customers to life in a one-stop manner, we have broad range of engineering divisions from Mechanical, Electrical, PCB, and Software to Packaging. We keep ourselves well-equipped with various testing systems, simulators and measuring devices in-house, so that our service is fast, accurate and efficient. When you may want our engineers to be a part of your team and work at your location, our worker dispatching service has got you covered.

Strengths of Phoenix Engineering

We have designed and developed wireless devices, mobile phones, radios and audio devices since our company establishment in 1972.
Now most electronic devices have been digitalized, but our continuous engagement in this field since analog era has given our engineers mastery skills and know-hows to bring about highly competitive and innovative solutions to today’s forefront challenges.

Our Engineers (April 1, 2024)

  • Mechanical Design : 23 engineers
  • Electrical Design : 37 engineers
  • Printing Board Design : 6 engineers
  • Packaging Design : 3 engineers
  • Associated Technology(Quality and Production Management): 7 engineers

Product Development Process

We provide a wide range of service from product planning to mass production.

Design Study & Proposal Upon customer consultation and studying product requirements, we propose detailed specification and feature recommendations with design feasibility.
Design Based on product planning, our mechanical, electrical, PCB, software and package engineers cooperate to design and develop the product, carefully taking material cost, safety, production efficiency, after market serviceability, quality standard, reliability and technical conformity into account.
Trial Evaluation We make trial samples as handmade components, then with tooling components, and do a close study with our testing facilities to confirm whether those trial samples meet the product specification, quality standard and reliability standard. If any issue is detected at this stage, we analize the problem and investigate its causes, and to perform countermeasures to improve the product.
Mass Production Initiation Support We support to check production jigs and initial production problem, closely working with factory’s technical team to check jigs and initial failures in order to achieve smoothly translation to mass production.

Our Engineering and Development Portfolio

Our Engineering and Development Portfolio

Communication Devices

  • Analog FM Cordless Phone
  • Cordless Phone with Radio
  • Digital Cordless Phone (2.4GHz/ J-DECT 1.9GHz)
  • Analog Cellular Phone
  • Cellular Phone (CDMA/W-CDMA/3G/4G/5G)

Audio Products

  • Radio Set (FM/AM/AM Stereo/Short wave/DAB/HD/RDS/Clock)
  • Clock Radio/CD Player
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Set
  • Radio Cassette Player
  • Stereo Headphone
  • IC Voice Recorder
  • Radio Headphone
  • IR Headphone
  • Digital Sound Headphone
  • Bluetooth Headphone
  • Noise Cancelling Headphone
  • Guitar Effector
  • Guitar Amplifier
  • Music Recorder
  • Loudspeakers for Public

Audiovisual Equipment

  • Car DVD Player
  • Car Overhead/Headrest Monitor
  • Digital Photo Frame

PC peripherals

  • Bluetooth Mouse
  • NFC Portable HDD
  • GPS Tracker
  • Portable AC Adaptor
  • Laptop Carrying Case

Lighting Equipment

  • LED Lighting (LED Bulb/ LED Tube)
  • Organic EL (OLED) Lighting (Vanity Mirror / Indoor Indirect lighting/ Museum Luminaire/Under Shelf Lighting for retail shop)